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SIMPLAM Ltd. was established in 1998 year. Our President Mr. SIMEON HRISTOV has worked in BDZ for 35 years. 20 of them He has spent as Commercial Director of BDZ.

We are Railway forwarding company located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We have our partners at Black Sea ports as Varna, Burgas and also in Dunaj river ports in Ruse, Lom, Svischtov etc.

We have contracts with the following railways: BDZ (Bulgaria), TCDD (Turkay), JZ (Yugoslavia), HZ (Croatia), SZ (Slovenia), CFARYM (Macedonia), ZBH (Bosnia & Herzegovina), CFR (Romania) and Italy. So we can offer you good commercial conditions and service. We can offer you prices for all Europe, as we have good partners in all European countries.

Our Company has a firm financial state.

We are ready to collaborate with you.

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